Welcome to Students for Life of America University!

While COVID-19 is affecting the pro-life movement's ability to train grassroots activists of all ages, Students for Life is now able to bring our pro-life trainings from campuses right into your home.  Enroll in pro-life “majors” in each pillar of pro-life activism.

Not a student?  No problem!  Continuing your education is important to us and there is no age limit on being an effective pro-life advocate. 

How Does It Work?

  • There are four course subjects (Effective Education, Industry Impact, Public Policy, and Supportive Services) in each of the three education levels (High School, College, Adult).
  • All are welcome to join one or more classes as the schedule allows.  Each course will cover FIVE bi-weekly live video classes, and four on-your-own optional assignment weeks.
  • Classes begin the week of September 14th (check each course for exact times) and wrap-up the week of November 9th. 

REGISTER NOW for a course in your current education level. 
Scroll down to choose: High School, College, or Continuing Education (Adult).

If course times do not fit in your schedule, you can work through our self-paced pillar courses which are always available on www.studentsforlifehq.com or connect with your Regional Coordinator here.

High School Level Courses

Learn how to effectively reach your peers with a pro-life message both in class and in a digital world.

  • Effective Education 101: Developing Your Leadership & Defending Your Beliefs
  • Industry Impact 101: Combating the Abortion Industry in your High School
  • Public Policy 101: How to Make a Difference in Politics
  • Supportive Services 101: Building a Culture of Life in Your School
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College Level Courses

Learn how to effectively educate your peers on pro-life issues both in person and online, and directly impact the abortion industry's influence on your campus.

  • Effective Education 201: Advanced Apologetics and Leadership Development
  • Industry Impact 201: Combating the Abortion Industry on Your Campus
  • Public Policy 201: Advanced Rapid Response and Lobbying
  • Supportive Services 201: Building a Culture of Life on Your Campus
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Continuing Education Courses

Take your pro-life activism to the next level discussing best practices and strategy in the Pro-Life Movement.

  • Effective Education: Bringing the Pro-Life Message to Our Communities
  • Industry Impact: Advanced Sidewalk Counseling and Closing Abortion Facilities
  • Public Policy: Make Abortion Illegal Again
  • Supportive Services: Let's Talk About Abortion - In Church
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