Host the Abortion Is Not Right Tour!

Each semester, Students for Life of America creates a tour display that relates to current events, ties in winning talking points, and encourages mind-changing conversations at more than 100 campuses across the nation.

Roe has been reversed and now more than ever our efforts to protect the preborn are needed! We must continue to stand up for the preborn and their mothers so that every person is protected and supported. 

This campus tour is perfect for schools of all types, from large public universities in pro-abortion states to small religious colleges in pro-life states (and everything in between).

You can bring this life-affirming display to your campus. Request the tour by filling out this form.

Request the Abortion Is Not Right Tour:

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Why this? Why now?

This is a historic year for the Pro-Life Movement. Roe has been reversed! It is more important than ever that we use our voices to stand up for Life and support women. 

Roe's reversal is a huge step towards abolishing abortion in this lifetime, BUT not the end of our life-saving work! Now that the issue has been sent back to the states, our work state by state and campus by campus is pivotal to protecting the preborn. 

Host the Abortion Is Not Right Fall Campus Tour to create a Post-Roe Culture on your campus!

All The Tools You Need

Students for Life will bring it all! These resources are included when you sign up to host:

  • A free Abortion Is Not Right Training with your SFLA Regional Coordinator. It can be done virtually or in-person, depending on his/her availability. This training will fully prepare you to discuss the tour's content and prepare you to answer questions from your peers about it.
  • All display supplies. We will have everything ready to go, including the display banners, informational cards, and interactive elements. All you need to bring are any recruitment materials you'd like to distribute to students interested in joining your group (flyers, sign-up sheet, business cards, etc).
  • One-on-one mentorship. Your Regional Coordinator can help you plan every step, jump every hurdle, and ultimately get out on campus with you to save lives.

"Hosting the tour was one of the best events our young chapter could have brought to our university. We were able to begin making a name for ourselves while changing hearts and minds. I believe that the impact we made and have continued to make can be attributed to the witness provided by hosting the tour!"

-Helene Senn, University of Louisville

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.


1. Fill out form above.

Fill out form above to request a tour stop & get connected to your Regional Coordinator.

2. Plan and train.

Reserve space, recruit volunteers, and attend a training.

3. Go!

When the day arrives, you will be ready to proudly go out on your campus alongside your Regional Coordinator and start changing minds about abortion.


Student Flyer

Download, edit, and print this flyer to promote the Abortion Is Not Right Fall Campus Tour on your campus!

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Abortion Is Not Right Fall Campus Tour Components

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We look forward to educating campus with you!

Request the tour in the form above.
Questions? Reach out directly to your Regional Coordinator. They can be reached at [yourstate]

This is only the beginning.

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