Volunteer as a Students for Life Action Grassroots Activist

The Pro-Life Movement is facing a critical ballot referendum in Ohio this November. Because of this, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) is launching the SFLAction Grassroots Activist Program so that we can win.

A Volunteer Grassroots Activist with SFLAction can be a Campus Coordinator or a Social Media Captain. Apply to one or both programs to join our “Late-Term Abortion on the Ballot” Campaign in Ohio this fall. 

Become a Campus Coordinator
Become a Social Media Captain

Become a Campus Coordinator. 

A Campus Coordinator is a pro-life student activist currently enrolled at a 4-year university who can volunteer his or her time to engage in public policy efforts to speak out about Issue 1 in Ohio.

Campus Coordinators will complete at least 3 tabling events and additional activism in three categories: Voter Outreach, Campus Activism, and Community Activation (approximately 20 hours of outreach).


As a Campus Coordinator, you will gain practical experience, a letter of recommendation for your efforts, and prizes for your activism!

Become a Social Media Captain.

A Social Media Captain is any individual activist (student or adult) who is active on social media and can volunteer his or her time to engage in public policy efforts that combat abortion referendums in their state.

Social Media Captains will complete weekly posts and stories on social media about Issue 1 in Ohio and participate in at least ONE state activism opportunity to share on social media.


As a Social Media Captain, you will become an expert in grassroots social media outreach, grow your own social media reach, and earn prizes for your activism!

How to get started as an SFLAction Grassroots Activist:

  1. APPLICATION: Submit the form to let us know if you want to be a Campus Coordinator, a Social Media Captain, or both! 
  2. TRAINING: Begin your outreach to combat Late-Term Abortion on the Ballot in Ohio and earn FREE pro-life merch!
  3. ACTIVISM: If selected, you will receive a FREE Late-Term Abortion on the Ballot Toolkit, as well as access to an exclusive section of SFLAHQ to complete your training and log your activism.


Apply to be an SFLAction Grassroots Activist!

Complete the form below to apply to be a Campus Coordinator, a Social Media Captain, or participate in both programs in your state this fall.

*SFLAction has Campus Coordinators in both Ohio and Virginia, so be sure to select the program in your state.*

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