The Pro-Life Future Campaign

The team at Students for Life of America is assembling pro-life activists to launch the multi-faceted Pro-Life Future (PLF) Campaign in 19 select citiesIn each city, our goal is to directly reduce the abortion rate by increasing awareness of non-violent abortion alternatives, decreasing support of the predatory abortion industry, and changing hearts and minds about abortion. 

A big part of our plan to unify pro-life advocates in your city is alerting the community about the dangers of the abortion industry by knocking on your neighbors’ doors!

When you sign up below, you'll be registered for a special training that you need to complete before you start door knocking. This training will equip you in knowing just what to say to change the most hearts and minds about abortion in your community. 

Sign up below! All volunteers must complete the training before attending your first door knocking event.

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