Unable to host the display?

Think again!

Students for Life wants to bring this message to every campus, but sometimes strict campus regulations, limited availability, prevent us. That's why we made a See Me Now Event-In-A-Box!

This See Me Now Event-in-a-Box is a modified simpler version of the display. You can use this box to host events that compassionately demonstrate the reality of abortion and invite your peers to join you in the fight for life!

The box comes with the option of hosting three different events:

  1. See Me Now training
  2. Table display
  3. Flyering 

What's included:

  • 1 See Me Now story book
  • 10 See Me Now flyers
  • See Me Now buttons
  • Tabling flyer to give students access to the See Me Now video
  • Fetal development facts to attach to candy as giveaways
  • Supplemental informational cards
  • A club sign up sheet

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