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     Join us on Saturday, August 7th, 2021,

for the National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day!

Do you want to have an immediate and direct impact on saving babies and shutting down abortion vendors in your community? We are calling the Pro-Life Generation to be on the frontlines of the fight, as witnesses on the sidewalks in front of abortion facilities. Sidewalk Counseling is such an important and practical way to affirm life in your community, and this is a unique opportunity to come together with students and community members across the nation – all on the same day.

As a sidewalk counselor, you are the last face these women see before they enter the devastation that awaits them inside. You are their final hope; the last opportunity to turn around. Many have already made up their minds, but you have the potential to impact them in such a way that they may reconsider.

That’s why we need YOU! 

Sign up NOW to be a part of the Sidewalk Counseling effort in your city, and receive FREE helpful online resources!

*If your local facility isn’t open on Saturdays, go on a different day of the week. It’s better for you to reach abortion-vulnerable women on another day. Try to aim for Thursday, August 5th - Saturday, August 7th 

How can you participate?

1) Become a Sidewalk Counselor

You can make an impact in your community by empowering women to leave the abortion facility & saving the life of their child. Sign up today to become a Sidewalk Counselor!

By joining the National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day, you will be a part of your community’s efforts to save lives. Registrants will be mailed their FREE t-shirt & bucket of sidewalk chalk, and will also receive digital resources, including the Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day Guide Book, information cards, etc.!

2) Recruit Members 

Help spread the word to your group members, family, and friends! Get creative with letting others know - start a text or social media group, pick up the phone and call allies, and send lots of emails. Getting as many people out on the sidewalks as we can, is key to saving lives! 

3) Get Trained

On Friday, August 6th, 2021, Students for Life of America partnered with Sidewalk Advocates for Life to do a LIVE, virtual training for all Sidewalk Day participants. Once you register, you can start by watching the training below to be equipped for counseling on the abortion front lines. Then, you will receive more information about the LIVE training on August 6th, as it gets closer. 

Sidewalk Counseling Training


Sidewalk Counseling Tips


  • Be peaceful, helpful, and goal-oriented
  • Comply with your area’s social distancing and mask guidelines
  • Smile and be pleasant
  • Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings
  • Have compassion
  • Know the literature you have in your hand
  • Back up what you say
  • Show each woman that you care about her, not just her child
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough to hear 
  • Be respectful of personal space


  • Do not yell 
  • Do not display unapproachable body language (crossing arms, grumpy expression, etc.) 
  • Do not block the woman’s walking path 
  • Do not be aggressive 
  • Do not preach 
  • Do not goof around 
  • Do not break the law 
  • Do not carry signs if you’re counseling, stick to in-hand literature 

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend sidewalk counseling for at least two hours outside of your local abortion facility. You can recruit members to take shifts as well. 

If your local facility is not open on Saturdays, go on a different day of the week. It’s better for you to reach abortion-vulnerable women on another dayTry to aim for Thursday, August 5th - Saturday, August 7th. Then after that, we hope that you make sidewalk counseling a regular part of your pro-life activism. Some groups counsel EVERY WEEK! 

Blessings Bags (a “goodie” bag with a thoughtful card, pregnancy center brochure, and anything else you’d like to include, such as lip balm, hand sanitizer, pocket-sized tissues, etc); cell phone (fully charged); portable charger; local pregnancy help organization literature; Sidewalk Day Guide; Students for Life of America Resources; water; pen/paper; printed local regulations. 

If protesters show up, remember to remain calm and compassionate and continue your work. If protesters get out of hand, contact your Regional Coordinator before attempting to engage. Make sure to take video and pictures of the protesters! 

Contact your Regional Coordinator for the most up-to-date local regulations. Don’t know your Regional Coordinator? Email [yourstate] (i.e. [email protected]).

Be respectful. Listen to what they have to say. They may have been called for an invalid reason. You may record your conversation with the police, especially if you feel that your free speech rights are being violated. Be sure to tell your Regional Coordinator about your experience, too. 

No problem! Email Elizabeth at [email protected] for more information.


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