Become a voice for the Pro-Life Generation online!

 The conversation about abortion is happening online, and with social media so oversaturated with voices promoting abortion, the Pro-Life Generation needs to speak up! Students for Life of America (SFLA) is proud to introduce the Pro-Life Gen Voices program for individual pro-life activists who are ready to start their pro-life activism with online outreach. Whether you are in school, recently graduated, or just ready to get more involved but you don't have a Students for Life group, Pro-Life Gen Voices is for activists of all skill levels to start changing minds about abortion.

Pro-Life Gen Voices will equip you to educate, recruit, and engage on the abortion issue as an independent, pro-life activist.


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Who are Pro-Life Gen Voices?

The Pro-Life Generation is ready to speak out in a post-Roe America on campuses, in communities, and online. But not every activist is involved in a campus pro-life group. Pro-Life Gen Voices is made up of anyone who is passionate about the pro-life message (but not involved in or leading a group), recent graduates without an outlet for pro-life activism, and those who want to get involved but don’t know where to start.

Pro-Life Gen Voices is made for you!

Individual pro-life activists

Pro-life graduates & alumni

Pro-life young adults

Why join Pro-Life Gen Voices?

No matter level of involvement you have in the pro-life movement, Pro-Life Gen Voices is a simple, and effective way to get started! High school students, college students, conservative students not involved in a pro-life group, pro-life alumni, and pro-life young adults can take their activism to the next level.

Pro-Life Gen Voices is one of our most accessible programs ever. The goal is simple: to help individual activists get involved in the pro-life movement & become experienced in changing hearts & minds online. And we have an easy, three-step process for helping you do it. 

  1. We'll train you right here on SFLAHQ how to seek out and rock online conversations about abortion. 

  2. We'll encourage you to keep an eye out for local, in-person pro-life events to participate in.

  3. We'll provide you with social media content that we've tested on our national accounts that is proven to start fruitful dialogues that change minds. 

FREE & exclusive resources. 

Every activist in Pro-Life Gen Voices receives an initial starter kit with a FREE Pro-Life Gen t-shirt and handheld sign to use at in person events. Activists also receive access to an exclusive section of SFLAHQ for special training and social content to utilize online.

Fantastic opportunities & prizes!

Every activity in the Pro-Life Gen Voices program earns participants points. The more you participate online as a Pro-Life Gen Voice, the more points you earn. You receive bonus points for attending events in person and prizes for participating in monthly activities. But wait, there’s more!

Change hearts & minds online.

Looking for an easy way to get started in pro-life activism? This is it! Pro-Life Gen Voices activists receive monthly resources and trainings on SFLAHQ to equip them to have conversations online and share the pro-life message on social media.


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How it works.

  1. Sign up! Click the link below to join Pro-Life Gen Voices and receive your free t-shirt, pro-life sign, and special access to a hidden section of SFLAHQ. Every month, follow email and text instructions for online activism.
  2. Share and document your activism. If you make a pro-life post, you use the hashtag #plgvoices and tag @studentsforlife. If you have online conversations, you screenshot your conversation. If you attend an event, take a photo in your blue I Am the Pro-Life Generation t-shirt.
  3. Submit for prizes and points! Complete your submission of your social post, event attendance, and online conversations on HQ for points!


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Grand Prize! The top 10 Pro-Life Gen Voices earn their spot in the National Leaders Collective that includes a FREE trip to Washington D.C!

The National Leaders Collective (NLC) SFLA's top leaders enrolled in yearlong leadership opportunities, including an in-person kickoff weekend and a year of mentorship with SFLA. The kickoff weekend is three days of training and activism in Washington D.C. The first 10 Pro-Life Gen Voices to reach 100 points will receive a FREE trip to Washington D.C to attend this kickoff in June 22nd-26th, 2023.

This is the only way for non-SFLA Fellows to participate in this opportunity of a lifetime. 

Note: *interview and approval process for event attendance required.*