Become a voice for the Pro-Life Generation online!

 The conversation about abortion is happening online, and with social media so oversaturated with voices promoting abortion, the Pro-Life Generation needs to speak up! Join SFLA's Pro-Life Gen Voices program for individual pro-life activists who are ready to start their pro-life activism with online outreach. 

Pro-Life Gen Voices will equip you to educate, recruit, and engage on the abortion issue as an independent, pro-life activist.


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Win Big Prizes All Year.

The top 10 Pro-Life Gen Voices earn their spot in the National Leaders Collective that includes a FREE trip to Washington D.C!

The National Leaders Collective (NLC) SFLA's top leaders enrolled in yearlong leadership opportunities, including an in-person kickoff weekend and a year of mentorship with SFLA. The kickoff weekend is three days of training and activism in Washington D.C. The first 10 Pro-Life Gen Voices to reach 100 points will receive a FREE trip to Washington D.C to attend this kickoff in June 22nd-26th, 2023.

This is the only way for non-SFLA Fellows to participate in this opportunity of a lifetime. 

Note: *interview and approval process for event attendance required.*


Who are Pro-Life Gen Voices?

The Pro-Life Generation is ready to speak out in a post-Roe America on campuses, in communities, and online. But not every activist is involved in a campus pro-life group. Pro-Life Gen Voices is made up of anyone who is passionate about the pro-life message (but not involved in or leading a group), recent graduates without an outlet for pro-life activism, and those who want to get involved but don’t know where to start.

Pro-Life Gen Voices is made for you!

Every Pro-Life Gen Voice receives a FREE starter kit of a Pro-Life Gen t-shirt and handheld sign to use at in-person events just for signing up!

Individual Pro-Life Activists

Pro-Life Young Adults

FREE & exclusive resources. 

Along with your starter kit, Pro0Life Gen Voices receive exclusive access to special training here on SFLAHQ.

Fantastic opportunities & prizes!

Every activity in the Pro-Life Gen Voices program earns participants points. The more you participate online as a Pro-Life Gen Voice, the more points you earn. 

Change hearts & minds online.

Looking for an easy way to get started in pro-life activism? This is it! Pro-Life Gen Voices activists receive monthly resources and trainings on SFLAHQ to equip them to have conversations online and share the pro-life message on social media.


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How it works.

  1. Sign up! Click the link below to join Pro-Life Gen Voices and receive your free t-shirt, pro-life sign, and special access to a hidden section of SFLAHQ. Every month, follow email and text instructions for online activism.
  2. Share and document your activism. If you make a pro-life post, you use the hashtag #PLGVoices and tag @studentsforlife. If you have online conversations, you screenshot your conversation. If you attend an event, take a photo in your blue I Am the Pro-Life Generation t-shirt.
  3. Submit for prizes and points! Complete your submission of your social post, event attendance, and online conversations on HQ for points!


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