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Learn About Abortion

Jump in to get a grasp on the key concepts surrounding the abortion issue. Be equipped on topics to have quality and effective conversations with your peers. 

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Need help coming up with an idea for an event? Check out our events guides and not only get ideas but also the steps you need plan your next event! 

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Prepare for a new year of pro-life activism month by month with our new Plan Your Year Guide and resources you can request to bring your activism to life this year.

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Through HQ trainings, you have access to expertise from Students for Life team members and professionals in the movement. With new trainings added each month, there is always an opportunity to dive deeper!

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Access samples, examples, and functional tools to support your efforts. Downloadable flyers, event guides, social media graphics, activism kits, and more are available to you for free to use at your next event or group meeting.

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When you join SFLAHQ, you become a member of this online network and can connect with other leaders and members around the country. SFLAHQ users receive regular updates on resource and opportunities to get involved.

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Join the National Leaders Collective

The National Leaders Collective (NLC) is a community of SFLA's top pro-life activists and fellows enrolled in yearlong opportunities to grow deeper in leadership to prepare for a pro-life career. SFLA's and SFLAction's yearlong leadership programs not only equip you to make the biggest impact on your campus based on your school’s unique needs, but also provide support, networking opportunities, and training to advance your pro-life skills. To join the NLC, leaders must apply and be selected for the upcoming academic year. No matter what your area of interest, there is a yearlong leadership program for you!

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Students for Life of America exists to recruit, train, and mobilize the Pro-Life Generation to abolish abortion. 


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