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Events-in-a-Box (EIBs) are exactly what they sound like: free packages sent to your student group with professionally-made materials to host your own events!

EIBs are easy, educational, and are available to pro-life student groups.

EIBs are an excellent way to save time, money, and use Students for Life's proven research, resources, and expertise on campus.

Did you know that the more people hear the pro-life message, the more likely they are to become pro-life? So, what are you waiting for? Strengthen your group, recruit new members, and be visible on campus with these EIBs! 

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Students for Life Event-in-a-Box Options:

Recruitment Event-in-a-Box

Our Recruitment Event-in-a-Box equips your group with the necessary tools to increase your membership and group visibility. 

Who: All school types
Events: Tabling, flyering, and a Plan Your Year Training with your Regional Coordinator.
What: Sign up sheets, a sample flyer, Students for Life pens, buttons, stickers, labels for thirty custom info cards, a Plan Your Year Guide, and name tags.
Pillar of Pro-Life Activism: Effective Education
Best use: In a highly visible area at the beginning of the school year or a club fair.

This is Chemical Abortion Event-in-a-Box

Our This is Chemical Abortion Event-in-a-Box raises awareness about the harmful effects of Chemical Abortion (aka the abortion pill). Chemical abortion is not only growing increasingly popular, it is also urgent for us to talk about the current threat of the FDA removing common sense safety precautions for women.

Who: High schools and colleges
Events: Chalking and flyering, a social media takeover, and a fun informative club meeting.
What: Fact sheets, information cards, chalk, trivia questions, and social media graphics.
Pillar of Pro-Life Activism: Industry Impact

Best use: Mid-semester.

See Me Now Event-in-a-Box

The See Me Now Event-in-a-Box showcases the reality of abortion violence from the unique perspective of its victims. 

Who: High schools and colleges
Events: Tabling, flyering, and a See Me Now Training with your Regional Coordinator.
What: Flyers, buttons, a sign up sheet, a See Me Now storybook, information cards, and fetal development facts.
Pillar of Pro-Life Activism: Effective Education
Best use:
 After hosting the See Me Now Tour, or any time!