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Tabletop displays are free, easy, educational, and available to your Students for Life group year-round!  

These professionally made displays offer all the informative outreach you enjoy from our seasonal Campus Tour Displays in a smaller and more convenient size. Use tabletop displays to increase your group's visibility on campus, recruit new members, and educate your peers on a variety of pro-life topics.  

They work best indoors in high-traffic areas and can be done outdoors if the weather permits.     

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Why Host a Students for Life Tabletop?

To practice outreach with an expert.

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"The Human Rights Tabletop is one of my favorites. It always sparks lively conversations, and gets people thinking. I believe it is an extremely prevalent display. It encourages people to think about if children in the womb do deserve human rights, and if they are facing discrimination.”
– Chase L, Western Washington Students for Life

Students for Life Tabletop Options:

Human Rights Tabletop

Pro-Life Activism Pillar: Effective Education

This display is a comprehensive look at fetal development demonstrating we are human, distinct, whole, and alive from the moment of our conception.  We show that when it comes to abortion, the essential question really is When Do Human Rights Begin?  

This display encourages fellow students to vote on a stage of development when they believe humans “earn” their rights. Most voters realize it’s unfair to draw a line in our development anywhere other than our beginning. Those who remain adamantly pro-choice might walk away rethinking their position and ultimately realize the pro-abortion view is founded on inequality. 

Fetal Pain Tabletop

Pro-Life Activism Pillar: Public Policy

There are only a few states that ban abortions after 20 weeks due to fetal pain. Studies show that 71% of millennials believe that abortion SHOULD be illegal after 20 weeks, when a baby can feel pain.  However, most students do not realize abortions after 20 weeks are even legal in the first place, not to mention practiced in states across the country. 

With this display, we are not only educating young people about the horrific realities of late-term abortion, we are also collecting petition signatures to save for when major legislation is up for a vote at the state or federal level.  

Standing with You Tabletop

Pro-Life Activism Pillar: Supportive Services

Students who become unexpectedly pregnant in school often feel scared and pressured into thinking abortion is their only option. If we’re not out there with visible and tangible resources, then those students might not know where else to turn. It’s our job to support our peers in choosing LIFE! 

In addition to our Standing With You Tabletop, there are lots of options for this kind of tabling. You can include a Free Speech Board and some resources from a local Pregnancy Help Organization. Ultimately, we want to guide people to the Standing With You Initiative to show that pro-lifers ARE out there supporting women and families. 

Women Betrayed Tabletop

Pro-Life Activism Pillar: Industry Impact

Abortion makes promises that it cannot keep. Bring this display to campus to educate your peers on the many medical risks associated with abortion. It’s important to spread the truth about how abortion is the ultimate betrayal of women and to show our peers that women deserve better than abortion.  

This display is a great way to show how the pro-life community cares about both babies and women. You can even collect notes of healing and encouragement to be sent to a post-abortive healing retreat near you. 

We Care Tabletop

Pro-Life Activism Pillar: Effective Education

Although it may be a small percentage, abortions resulting from rape are real and legitimate. As pro-life activists, we want our peers to know that we deeply care about the victims of rape and sexual assault.

Bring this display to campus in order to thoughtfully dialogue about abortion in the hard case of rape, and to send a clear message to your student body that pro-life advocates care about the seriousness of the crime and helping survivors find by providing resources. 

What has Roe Done? Tabletop

Pro-Life Activism Pillar: Industry Impact

Since 1973, legalized abortion has been a reality in America, but what did Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton actually establish? Many students are not aware just how extreme the decisions in Roe and Doe were. 

This display presents an opportunity to educate your peers on the Roe decision, show the many ways that this decision has hurt women, and debunk common abortion myths such as “back ally abortions.” There is also a section that speaks directly to women who have been hurt by Roe and offers them compassionate help.  

Through discussion, you can help your peers understand and recognize that Roe was not a victory for women.  

Life After Roe Tabletop

We know that our world would be better without Roe v. Wade and abortion violence, and with this tabletop we can paint a picture of what a Post-Roe America might look like.

On the tabletop, we explore what America was like before Roe, describe exactly how extreme Roe is, and explain our vision for what it will look like after with Pregnancy Help Organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and real support for women and families in need.