Safe Haven Awareness 

Join Students for Life of America as we spread awareness about Safe Haven Laws. A Safe Haven Law is a legal measure that allows individuals, often parents, to safely and confidentially surrender newborn infants at specified locations (known as Safe Havens), aiming to prevent abandonment and promote the infants' welfare. 

Safe Haven Laws present a compassionate and courageous option for parents unable to care for their babies.  

Help us raise awareness about Safe Haven Boxes by: 

1. Spread the Word on Socials: Share our social media posts, graphics, and informational resources to raise awareness about Safe Havens and encourage others to learn more (graphics below). Follow us on social to share our content @studentsforlife.                                                                                               

2. Chalk and Flyer on Campus: Download a Safe Haven Awareness flyer and get a list of chalk messages your group can use to promote these life-saving locations below. Then, make a plan to chalk and flyer on campus and throughout your community.                                                                            

3. Share this Information with Your Church: Offer these Safe Haven Awareness fliers to your pastor so that they can be included in church bulletins and other visible areas.                                                               

4. Does your community have a Safe Haven Box?: If your community does not, you can help organize getting a box! Learn about the process and request one here.

Together, we can ensure that every newborn has a chance for a safe and loving start.


Download Your Safe Haven Materials
Request a Safe Haven Box

Safe Haven Awareness Flyer

Use this flyer on campus and in your community to spread information about Safe Haven Laws.

Download Safe Haven
Awareness Flyer & Digital Graphics

Fill out the form below to receive our Safe Haven Awareness flyer and graphics to share on social media!

Safe Haven Awareness 

Chalk Messages:

Chalk the following messages in your community and on your campus!

  • You are not alone, WE STAND WITH YOU!¬†
  • Safe Haven Boxes Saves LIVES!¬†
  • Abortion Hurts Women. Women and their Children Deserve Better!¬†
  • Save a Life! Find or Request a Safe Haven Box at¬†
  • If you are a parent in crisis, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!¬†CRISIS LINE CALL OR TEXT 1-866-99BABY1
  • Human rights for all humans - born & preborn!¬†

Take photos of your chalk, post on social media, and @studentsforlife!

Safe Haven Graphics

Post these graphics on social media and share them with friends to raise awareness of Safe Haven Laws and Baby Boxes.

Safe Haven Swipe Graphic #1

Safe Haven Swipe Graphic #2

Safe Haven Swipe Graphic #3

Babies Saved by Safe Haven Boxes

Babies Saved by Safe Haven Boxes

Babies Saved by Safe Haven Boxes

Babies Saved by Safe Haven Boxes

Swipe Graphic 1

Swipe Graphic 2

Swipe Graphic 3

Swipe Graphic 4

Download Graphics & Share on Socials

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