Emergency Response Chemical Abortion Toolkits

Chemical Abortions are the new frontier of abortion extremism in our country. Chemical Abortions end innocent human lives before 11 weeks. Despite known health risks to women, the FDA has de-regulated these drugs. This reckless decision allows states like California, New York, and others to force their public schools to distribute these drugs on campus, killing children and harming women. 

These toolkits are dedicated to supporting students in their efforts to oppose Chemical Abortions on their campuses and community members to oppose Chemical Abortions in their communities.  

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This Is Chemical Abortion.

Request Your Campus Response Toolkit

Our campus toolkit is for student leaders who want to raise awareness about the dangers of Chemical Abortions. We have a free physical kit available to students to students on campuses in states where Chemical Abortions are being distributed on campus (CA, NY, MA). 

Download Your Community Response Toolkit

Our community toolkit is for community leaders who want to raise awareness and respond to Chemical Abortions in their communities. A physical kit is available for purchase.


Request Your Emergency Response Chemical Abortion Campus Toolkit

If you or your student group is facing Chemical Abortions on your campus, please complete the form below to receive your FREE physical toolkit to combat Chemical Abortion on your campus and get started with your pro-life activism today!

*** The physical kits are free to student groups facing Chemical Abortions on their campuses in states like CA, NY, MA, etc. 

Petition against Chemical Abortion at Your School

Is Chemical Abortion being Offered on Your Campus? Request a Petition!

Students for Life can create a petition against Chemical Abortion to help you garner widespread support against it. Fill out the form by clicking the button below to request a FREE custom petition for your school.

Request a Petition Here >

Download Your FREE Community Chemical Abortion Toolkit

Complete the form below to receive your FREE digital toolkit to combat Chemical Abortion in your community and get started with your pro-life activism today! 

Free Graphics 

Pledge Against Chemical Abortion

Download >

Chemical Abortions Benefit No One

Download >

Chemical Abortion 4 x Riskier

Download >

Stop Making Sewers Cemeteries

Download >

Too Much Blood

Download >

28 Deaths

Download >

670 Deaths

Download >

670 Deaths

Download >

Story Flyers

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Digital Resource Downloads 

Get these resources and more when you request your FREE Emergency Response Toolkit!

This Is Chemical Abortion Flyers

Utilize these general flyers to raise awareness about Chemical Abortion on your campus!

Abortion Pill Reversal Flyer

Chemical Abortions can be reversed. Spread that life saving message on campus with these flyers!

Docuseries Viewing Guide

Host a FREE screening of our This Is Chemical Abortion Docuseries and utilize this guide to view and discuss!

Pro-Life Apologetics Guide

Starting a conversation about abortion can seem intimidating. Don’t worry! We want to help you feel more confident talking about abortion with others. “Apologetics” is the art of how to defend a philosophy or position. Use the Pro-Life Apologetics Guide to gain the skills and confidence you need to have productive conversations about abortion!

Authentic Support Flyers: SWY

Utilize our Standing With You flyers to spread authentic support on campus. Our goal is to make abortion illegal, unavailable, and unthinkable.

Blessing Bags with Dear Friend Letters

Create Blessing Bags to give to abortion minded women on campus! Your Blessing bags should include Dear Friend Letters, a FREE ultrasound coupon, and more!

This is Chemical Abortion.

This is Chemical Abortion Docuseries

Check out our docuseries that is dedicated to exposing the dangers of Chemical Abortion. Included in your kit is a viewing guide so that your group can host and view the docuseries on campus.


Watch Here>

Chemical Abortion Harms the Preborn, Women, AND the Environment

Learn more about the dangers of Chemical Abortion and how you can discuss this issue with your peers on campus and change hearts and minds for Life!

Learn More Here >

Request a FREE This is Chemical Abortion Training

Request a FREE training with your Regional Coordinator. This training will cover all the essential information you need to know to combat Chemical Abortion on your campus and in your community. 

Request a Free Training Here:

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