5K Fundraiser


A 5K walk/run is perfect for advertising for your group, exercising, fundraising, and involving your community! This is a different kind of fundraiser, but it will truly pay off in the end (in more ways than one)! Use this event guide to help plan your 5K fundraiser.

Step 1

Plan ahead.

  1. Check out your Plan Your Year Guide to pick a date that doesn’t conflict with other big school or community events.
  2. Where will everyone run or walk? A track? In a park? Through a community or on campus? Depending on your location, contact authorities or the local police department to confirm that you can conduct the event safely and obtain permits or permission. Ask your group adviser to help with getting this information.
  3. Gather volunteers and divide tasks among everyone. You will need people in charge of registration, food, signs, labeling the course, and directing participants. Talk to volunteers to track progress, sort out issues, and to hold each other accountable.
Step 2


  1. Consider setting up a registration website.
  2. Advertise at school and local businesses! Hang up flyers. Ask local churches and other ministries to include your race in their announcements and bulletins.
  3. Create a social media event page.
  4. Reach out to like-minded groups on campus and ask to give an announcement at their meetings.
Step 3

Set-up for race day

  1. Set up early, really early! (It usually takes longer than you think!) Ask your volunteers to meet you there to help.
  2. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Oftentimes, local pregnancy help organizations and other pro-life non-profits host walks and runs to raise funds. Consider volunteering or participating in their event. This is a great way to learn how to put together and execute a similar event. You can learn a lot from volunteering and even get a few pointers for a walk of your own!
Step 4

Pre-race prep

  1. Collect information at the registration table for all participants. (Some of these people could be future group members!) Give the racers their materials which could include a pro-life sticker, a bib number, and a ticket/hand stamp for food afterwards.
  2. Announcements: Thank everyone for coming. Briefly tell them about your group, welcome new faces, and encourage further involvement in your group.
  3. Line everyone up… Ready, Set, GO!
Step 5

After the race

  1. Relax and eat with everyone!
  2. Give your top racers medals or trophies.
  3. If you have any kind of game/raffle, now is the time to do it.
  4. Thank everyone again!

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator: 

  1. SFLA “I am the Pro-Life Generation” stickers
  2. “Join Us” post cards
  3. “Fundraising” training
  4. Plan Your Year Guide 

Email [yourstate]@studentsforlife.org to connect with your SFLA Regional Coordinator!

Request a Training From Your Regional Coordinator

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Plan Your Year

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