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Digital Event-in-a-Box

An Event-in-a-Box (EIB) is a kit with all the resources you need for an event on your campus. Click the image or the button below visit the EIB Library for all digital resources for your next event!


Standing With You


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Click the image to download the flyer. Visit the Flyer Library below for more flyers to use on campus!


Standing With You


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Social Media Graphics & Captions

Click the image to download the graphic and copy and paste the caption. Visit our social media graphic library below for more free graphics and captions for your online activism.

Empowering Women

No woman stands alone in a post-Roe America.

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Education & Inspiration 

Abortion is never the compassionate option. 


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The Abortion Industry

Chemical abortion pills aren't "safe" or "easy" for anyone. 

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Event Planning

Click the image to visit the resource page. Visit the event guide library below for more event outlines.

Chalking on Campus

5K Fundraiser

Sidewalk Counseling

Plan Your Year

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No matter where you are in the world, you can be a catalyst for life-affirming change. This tooklit will give you sample materials and insight into the resource strategy of Students for Life of America as we train the next generation of pro-life leaders. Register to receive your FREE digital toolkit today!

Post Roe

Roe has been reversed! Reversing Roe is a huge step towards an abortion-free America. However, our work to make abortion unavailable and unthinkable must continue until every preborn human is protected starting at conception. This is our Students for Life of America Post-Roe Action Center. Utilize the resources and opportunities on this page to save lives, support women, and abolish abortion.


Click the image to download the resource guide for your next movie screening, tabling event, or pro-life activism trip.


Use this movie screening guide, social graphics, and downloadable flyers to help you plan a successful showing of Unplanned.

For more information and to obtain a license to show the film to a group, go to


Use this movie screening guide to help you plan a successful showing of Gosnell.

For more information and to obtain a license to show the film to a group, go to

Fundraising Guide


Learn how to effectively fundraise as a group for your next big event or trip! Click to download.

Pro-Life Apologetics Guide


Prepare for your next tabling event, protest, and display with this guide on Pro-Life Apologetics! Learn everything from how to have a conversation to the types of objections you may encounter. Start changing hearts and minds today! Click to download.


Prayer Vigil and Mass Guide


Use this guide to plan a prayer vigil and/or a mass for Respect Life Month. This helpful guide contains checklists as well as specific scripture and music selections. Click to download.

To connect to our diocese and church outreach program,¬†Called, go to or contact [email protected].

On-Campus Resources

Click the image to go to that resource page for all your on campus needs.

Request an Event-in-a-Box

Events-in-a-Box (EIBs) are exactly what they sound like: free packages sent to your student group with professionally-made materials to host your own events! 

Host the SFLA Campus Tour

Each semester, Students for Life of America creates a tour display that relates to current events, ties in winning talking points, and encourages mind-changing conversations at more than 100 campuses across the nation. 

Request a Regional Training

Our huge team of Regional Coordinators oversee every state and work full-time to serve you. Our mission is to equip you to be the best pro-life leader you can be on your campus. 

Request a Tabling Display

Tabletop displays are free, easy, educational, and available to your Students for Life group year-round! Learn more about how you can request your tabling display here.

Show Unplanned

Not only can we provide a free screening license, we also have a movie screening guide with discussion questions, planning resources, a permission form, letter from Abby Johnson to parents, flyers, and more.

Start Your Group Or Connect with Your Regional Coordinator

Not sure how to get started with Students for Life? We are here to help! Send us an email and we will connect you with our local staff member.

[email protected]