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We need your help to defend LIFE across the United States in the 2024 elections. If abortion supporters had their way, they would allow: 

  • Abortions through all nine months, for any reason, including infanticide. 
  • Minors obtaining abortions without any parental notification or consent. 
  • Sex predators using abortion to cover up their crimes. 
  • Non-physicians to commit abortions. 
  • Pharmacies to dispense Chemical Abortion Pills. 

Mothers and children deserve better than abortion and reckless laws that disregard their well-being. That’s why we need students like YOU to help educate voters in the upcoming elections, because Abortion IS on the Ballot. 

All Campus Coordinators will receive a FREE kit to help spread the truth about abortion. The kit contains printed materials in the mail, a digital download with plenty of graphics for social media outreach, access to important training resources on SFLAHQ, and more.

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Once accepted into the program, you’ll be shipped a FREE toolkit to combat Abortion on the Ballot in your community and get started with your pro-life activism today!

More About SFLAction’s Election Efforts:

With lives at stake this election year, Students for Life Action is mobilizing grassroots activists to Protect Life in Law. We’ve set some big goals that we’re inviting you to help accomplish through the Campus Coordinator and Social Media Ambassador programs. 

By volunteering, you’re committing to help oppose abortion extremism in your state, work together with your peers and SFLAction staff, and report your accomplishments to the SFLAction team. Together, we can save countless lives. It starts right now—if you’re up for the challenge. 

It starts with YOU.

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