Responding to Plan B on Your CampusĀ 

Plan BĀ is a form of "emergency contraception," which is essentially a mega-dose of hormonal birth control taken shortly after unprotected sex. Plan B is a brand name; there are other brands of drugs with similar effects.Ā 

The main reasons to oppose Plan B being pushed on your campus either through vending machines or in the health center is that it canĀ end a developing human lifeĀ and hurt women's health!Ā 

Utilize our digital toolkit to respond to Plan B on your campus!Ā 

Make sure to connect with your Regional Coordinator for more support atĀ [Your State]Ā 

Download Your Digital Toolkit Below

Download Your Plan B Toolkit:

Included in your kit are flyers, an event guide with ideas to respond, graphics to post and air drop, and more!Ā 

Request a Petition

IsĀ Plan BĀ being Offered on Your Campus? Request a Petition!

Students for Life can create a petition againstĀ Plan B to help you garner widespread support against it. Fill out the form by clicking the button below to request a FREE custom petition for your school.

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Why Respond to Plan B?

To Educate Your Peers:

Many people are misinformed about Plan B. It is promoted as an "emergency contraception," while ignoring the reality that if a woman conceives, Plan B can end that unique and unrepeatable human life. In addition, women are not told about the serious and potentially life threatening side effects of Plan B. Your group can combat the misinformation about Plan B and abortion in general. 

For the Women Betrayed:

Schools that are pushing Plan B vending machines are pushing the same narrative that the abortion industry is: women need abortion to succeed. Women deserve authentic support, not harsh drugs pushed on them like candy bars. Your group can end the cycle of abuse by promoting authentic support.

To Offer Authentic Support:

Plan B Vending Machines are a poor excuse for actually supporting women on campus. Schools are using them as a facade of support, while leaving women on campus to seek support from a machine. Your group can make the difference by supporting women in need and promoting authentic resources so that no woman on your campus stands alone.

Here is what you need:

Learn More:

Learn more about Plan B and its side effects. In this Post-Roe America, there is a lot of misinformation about abortion and the abortion industry. Part of ending abortion in this lifetime is changing hearts and minds for Life!

Learn More Here


Request a Digital Plan B Kit:

Request a Digital Plan B kit and you will receive all the materials that you will need to respond to Plan B on your campus!



Download Your Toolkit

Request a Green Sex Training:

Request a Green Sex Training with your Regional Coordinator. This training covers the harmful effects of hormonal contraception on women's bodies and how we should holistically approach sex and reproductive health.

Request a Free Training

Request a Standing With You Free Table Display

If your school is promoting abortion or Plan B, your group can host a  Standing With You tabletop to promote the authentic support that women deserve. 

Request a Tabletop Display Here

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