Chalking on Campus


Chalking is a fun and simple way to spread the pro-life message on your campus. Whether you're chalking for National Pro-Life Chalk Day, or hosting a chalking event on your own, you can get people thinking about the value of the preborn by displaying these honest, loving, colorful messages! Use this event guide to plan your next chalking event on campus.

Step 1

Choose your message.

  1. If you are chalking for National Pro-Life Chalk Day, find out what the theme is for the event, so you can tailor your messages accordingly. 
  2. If you are chalking on your own, you can either pick a theme, or chalk general pro-life messages.
  3. ALWAYS find out information about your local pregnancy resource center(s) and include their information in your chalk. 
  4. If this is a recruiting event, include information about your next group meeting!
  5. Here are some examples of other messages to chalk:
    • “We are the Post-Roe Generation”
    • “Women need love, NOT abortion”
    • “Need resources for your pregnancy?”
    • “If your healthcare kills, it is not healthcare"
    • “Dear women, the Abortion Industry is lying to you...”
    • “We Demand Protect At Conception”
Step 2

Reserve a space.

  1. Set a date and time for your event. This can take the place of a group meeting or be its own event.
  2. To spread your pro-life message to as many people as possible, reserve a space on campus or in your community that is a high traffic area. Make sure to follow your campus guidelines to reserve the space far enough in advance.
Step 3

Prepare for the event.

  1. Gather your materials:
    • Washable sidewalk chalk
    • Sample chalking messages
    • Camera & phone
  2. If you haven't already, find out information about your local pregnancy resource center(s), so you can chalk about them!
  3. Notify campus security of the time and place of your event in case any vandalism occurs. 
Step 4

Today's the day!

  1. Print out and bring a copy of your reservation confirmation and the free speech pamphlet attached to this guide.
  2. Take pictures of your finished chalking messages for proof of what they look like, in case any vandalism occurs.
  3. Take fun pictures of your chalk, your group, and any reactions to your event!
  4. If you face any controversy, make sure to film the interaction horizontally.
  5. If your chalk displays face vandalism... you guessed it: take pictures!
    • If this or any other free speech issues occur, we are here to support you! Please contact [email protected]
  6. Post pictures of you and your group's awesome display on social media!

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator: 

  1. “Abortion is Not Right” info cards
  2. “Abortion. A Simple Procedure?” info cards
  3. "Is This Alive?" info cards
  4. "Abortion Pill Reversal" resource cards
  5. SFLA Event Resources (for National Pro-Life Chalk Day)

Email [yourstate] to connect with your SFLA Regional Coordinator!

Request a Training From Your Regional Coordinator

Click here to request the "Effective Education" or the "Supportive Services" training for this event from your Regional Coordinator. 

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Free Speech Resource

Download your Free Speech pamphlet to have on hand at your next chalking event. Know your rights and be prepared to defend them.

Click here to download

Other Effective Education Event Ideas

Log into SFLAHQ for more resources to Educate and Recruit!

  • Cemetery of the Innocents
  • Host a Pro-Life Speaker
  • Chalking on Campus
  • Flyering Campaign
  • and many more!

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