Students for Life of America’s Post-Roe Action Center

Roe has been reversed! Reversing Roe is a huge step towards an abortion-free America. However, our work to make abortion unavailable and unthinkable must continue until every preborn human is protected starting at conception. This is our Students for Life of America Post-Roe Action Center. Utilize the resources and opportunities on this page to save lives, support women, and abolish abortion.  

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Post-Roe Checklist and More: 

Post-Roe Checklist

Students for Life is dedicated to working with our students to abolish abortion. Utilize this checklist to ensure that your group is post-Roe ready! 

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Post-Roe FAQs

There are a lot of myths surrounding the reversal of Roe. Utilize our FAQ sheet to be prepared to respond and stand up for the truth.

FAQ Page

Start a Group with SFLA

To create a Culture of Life on your campus, start a pro-life group. The preborn and women need representation on campus! We are here to help you!  

Start a Group

Effective Education

is bringing awareness of the abortion crisis to campus and recruiting peers to join our movement.  Check out some event ideas for this Pillar below!

Summer Leadership Academy

The goal of this course is to equip you and your leaders for how to face this post-Roe America. The Academy starts in mid-June.


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Request an Event-in-a-Box

Students for Life of America's Event-in-a-Box (EIB) is exactly what it sounds like: all the supplies and resources you may need to host different events shipped to you in a box. 

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Host a Tabletop Display 

Be a presence for the preborn and their mothers on your campus by hosting a tabling display.



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Host an SFLA Training

Be prepared to change hearts and minds for life by requesting a free training for your Regional Coordinator.



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Industry Impact

is systematically exposing the abortion industry to reduce the supply and demand of abortion. Check out some event ideas for this Pillar below!

Respond to the Abortion Industry on Campus

Students for Life of America has tabletop displays that students can request to host with their Regional Coordinator!                      

Request a Tabletop

National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day

Join Students for Life of America in August for our National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day! Stay tuned for more details.                     

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The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities

Join Students for Life of America’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities to make abortion illegal and unthinkable in a city near you.  

Start or Join a Campaign

Public Policy

 is advocating for pro-life legislation and eliminating pro-abortion legislation. Check out some event ideas for this Pillar below!

Join Students for Life Action

Join our sister organization, Students for Life Action (SFLAction), in their efforts to elect pro-life leaders and enact pro-life laws.   

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Apply to be a SFLAction State Captain

Apply to join our SFLAction Leadership Program which is focused on state political action. Now that Roe is reversed, we need trained leaders in each state.   

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SFLAction Activism Trips

Join one of SFLAction Activism Trips this year! Now that Roe is reversed, we really need to be on the ground in every state, especially key states, to ensure protection from conception for the preborn. 

Join a Trip

Host a Political Leadership Workshop

Sign up to host a SFLAction Political Leadership Workshop on your campus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Supportive Services

 is providing help and resources to those targeted by the abortion industry. Check out some event ideas for this Pillar below!

Become a Standing With You Advocate

Our goal is to make abortion illegal and unthinkable. To do that we must support women in need. 

Become an Advocate

Join our Standing With Her Sunday

Each Summer, Students for Life is proud to host Standing With Her Sunday.                                                                                                                                 

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Host our Standing With You Tabletop

Request our Standing With You tabletop to promote pregnancy resources on your campus or at your church!                                              

Request a SWY Tabletop

Rapid Response

 is identifying, exposing, and countering the abortion industry with a truthful pro-life message. Check out some event ideas for this Pillar below!

Effectively Respond to Pro-Abortion Events

With Chemical Abortion on the rise, even on college campuses, learn how to prepare to respond to upcoming measures that promote these deadly drugs - plus other tactics used by the abortion lobby.

How to Guide

Facing Discrimination or Harassment?

We are here for you. You have a right to stand up for yourself and the preborn. 

If you are facing discrimination, harassment, or vandalism contact:  

[email protected].

Effective Education


  • Clipboarding
  • Plan Your Year
  • How to Fundraise
  • Encountering & Countering Culture

and many more!

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Public Policy


  • Paid Family Leave
  • An Inside Look into How Women View Culture, Voting, and Politics
  • Changing Campus Policy

and many more!

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Supportive Services


  • What is Abortion Pill Reversal?
  • Hosting a Virtual Baby Item Drive
  • Empower Women Empower All Human Life

and many more!

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Industry Impact


  • Sidewalk Training
  • Close a Local Abortion Facility
  • Sidewalk Counseling
  • The Five Biggest Lies About Abortion

and many more!

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Rapid Response


  • How to Rapidly Respond Online
  • Know Your Conscience Rights
  • How to Handle Vandalism
  • How Do I Know What To Respond To?

and many more!

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Support our mission.

To support all of these life-saving efforts, Join Students for Life of America to ensure that our mission of abolishing abortion in this lifetime is accomplished! You can join as a mission partner to defend life on campuses, in churches, in communities, and through our digital outreach! Your donations are 100% tax deductible. Support Students for Life of America (  

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