What is Students for Life of America?

Students for Life of America launched full-time in August 2006 with the hiring of Kristan Hawkins. Thanks to an angel investor, our organization was able to grow rapidly with the mission to build and become the voice of the Pro-Life Generation.

For the first several years of our organization, we were focused on growing the number and quality of Students for Life groups on college, high school, and graduate campuses. However, simply starting Students for Life groups is not our mission. Abolishing abortion is.

Students for Life has grown up to become one of the leading pro-life advocacy organizations in the world, driving the narrative for the entire movement and leading by example. Our staff size and budget is one of the largest in the entire pro-life movement. And our reach and success are recognized movement-wide.

Students for Life HQ

Providing the Resources to Abolish Abortion

Learn About Abortion

Jump in to get a grasp on the key concepts surrounding the abortion issue. Be equipped on topics to have quality and effective conversations with your peers. 

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Need help coming up with an idea for an event? Check out our events guides and not only get ideas but also the steps to run them! 

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Watch the National Pro-Life Summit

Missed the Pro-Life Summit? Don’t worry, check out the videos on HQ and be a part of the Summit! 

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